A combination of Guided Imagery, Hypnotherapy and Image Coaching, Body/Mind Imaging works on both your inner and outer self to create the success you're looking for in all areas of your life.

Can you imagine being more successful, confident, prosperous, healthy and happy? Are you ready to become your optimal self?


Health & Happiness


Each one of us has the ability to create our lives and our bodies the way we've always imagined but our limiting beliefs get in the way. In order to really to move forward to a prosperous and successful life we need to break down our negative belief systems and rebuild positive and empowering truths that will create success, both internally and externally.

Body/Mind Imaging can get you there. It's a powerful method that helps to break down your limiting beliefs that stop you from having the amazing life you deserve.

​​Connecting a positive external image to a positive internal image is the key to success and body/mind imaging can get you there!

Enrich Your Life. 

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Body / Mind Imaging

Hypnotherapy, Therapeutic Guided Imagery, Life Coaching


Phyllis(P.K.) Maxx

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Certified Life Coach

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  1. Weight Loss
  2. Body Image / Personal style
  3. Self Confidence/Motivation for success
  4. Fears & Phobias
  5. Stress and anxiety relief
  6. Addiction and Recovery
  7. Smoking Cessation
  8. Self Mastery
  9. Performance Enhancement
  10. Communication
  11. Negative thoughts and behavior
  12. Adversity to Change
  13. Career and Financial Success
  14. Relationships
  15. Managing physical illness
  16. Past Life Regression