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Body / Mind Imaging

Hypnotherapy, Therapeutic Guided Imagery, Life Coaching

What my clients have to say about me...


​“At first I was very skeptical that hypnotherapy could work but at that point I had tried everything to lose weight so I was willing to give it a shot. Surprise – it worked! Hypnotherapy with P.K. Helped to get to the deeper causes of my weight issues and help me think about weight loss in a different, healthier way. I began to feel more confident and lose the harbored shame I had about my body. The tools she gave me and talks during our sessions helped me keep on track between sessions. I highly recommend Hypnotherapy with P.K. to anyone!”

Tammy O. R.N.
Registered Nurse

“Working with P.K. has reenergized me, and enabled me to productively focus that new-found energy. In addition, she has helped to unlock a well of creativity that has me bubbling with ideas.”

Robert B.
Film Producer, Writer

“I a person with chronic and acute medical problems. PK Maxx has been a lifesaver for me. Through her hypnotherapy I have received considerable relief from pain and incredible insight into how my personal history has contributed to my current medical issues. In addition she has helped reset my attitude in dealing with my issues. I wasn’t totally familiar with hypnotherapy. As a scientist I had difficulty understanding the mind/body connection. I am a enthusiastic believer now. PK is compassionate and can quickly connect with your needs and how she can help you. You have to try her!”

Sue S.
PhD, Dr. of Nursing

“I can't thank P.K. enough for helping me through a very difficult and confusing time in my life. I was struggling with my marriage and considering divorce and she helped me unblock my issues that were keeping me from moving forward. I am so much happier now and am so much more clear and excited about my future. She also helped me to improve my presence around people which has helped me so much. I am now attracting much better people into my life! “

Cecelia S.
Office Administrator

“I had a very successful business and life that had turned abruptly on me. I went to P.K. to deal with the stress and anxiety caused by it but got so much more than just relief for my anxiety. P.K. taught me the "Mental Bank" process, a toolto help me get back on track financially and move forward with my business. It's amazing how it works.Both the Hypnosis and her guidance have not only helped my business but my whole life.”

Gus M.
Apparel distributor